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The PKU Adult Program is a new initiative of the National PKU Alliance (NPKUA) that provides information and support for adults living with PKU. Adults with PKU face many challenges. The program provides a one-stop resource for adults seeking to improve their quality of life. This is the only program composed of a national network of adults with PKU, their families, clinicians, and industry leaders to address the variety of needs of adults with PKU. During the past several years, a number of different efforts have strived to recognize and place focus on the Adult PKU Community and the unique challenges adults with PKU face. The National PKU Alliance hosted the first ever PKU Adult Summit on November 5-7, 2010 in New Orleans in order to build upon these past initial efforts and provide organization, structure, and direction to all future programs for the Adult PKU Community.

The summit was a groundbreaking and historical event for the Adult PKU Community. The focus and energy created by the meeting will set the tone for future goals and endeavors. If you are an adult with PKU and would like to learn how you can become involved with the NPKUA PKU Adult Program or would like to make a contribution to the NPKUA to support these endeavors, please contact NPKUA’s Executive Director Christine Brown at 715-437-0477.